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Our Concept

Welcome to Shibuya-Harmony. We are happy to offer you an opportunity to spend an erotic as well as luxurious time with our fine companions.
Although kept in secrecy, we are all fascinated by sensual or fetish fantasies.
Harmony is a place where such erotic dreams come true.

About Harmony

Harmony has won the trust of many customers as a premium fetish club.
Our companions provide you various erotic services, such as fantasy play,
light/soft S&M, toy play, sensual body touch and massage, and costume play.

How to make a reservation or inquiry

  • Please contact us by e-mail (not all staff members speak English).
    E-mail: mail@club-harmony.com
  • Write "Making Reservation" in the subject line of your email
    (otherwise it may not reach us).
  • Please provide us with the following information.
    • Your name
    • Your gender and sexual orientation
    • Available or desired date and time (multiple if possible)
    • Number of hours (duration)
    • Your ability to understand Japanese
    • What kind of play(s) you are interested in.
    • Which companions you are interested in.

* While we will endeavor to reply to you as soon as possible, it may take up to a few days.

1 hour ¥26,000
1.5 hours ¥38,000
2 hours ¥48,000
3 hours ¥70,000
4 hours ¥90,000
5 hours ¥110,000
6 hours ¥130,000
8 hours ¥150,000
24 hours ¥300,000
Extension/every 30 min ¥15,000

* No additional fee is required (including for photo-taking) except for anal intercourse (¥10,000).
* When taking photos/video, the companion wears her eye mask.
* Not all companions allow photo-taking.

How to receive our service

  • For final confirmation, e-mail (mail@club-harmony.com) Harmony at least 2 hours prior
    to your appointment.
  • Pick a hotel room in the Shibuya area (please ask staff beforehand if you need any assistance).
    * We have no play room.
    * Sending our companion to your residence is NOT allowed.
  • Call Harmony (03-3464-5130) again and let us know your room number.
  • When the companion arrives, please make the payment first.
  • After counseling, take a shower with the companion.
  • Enjoy the service.

Available instruments

Sexual toys
Cat-O’Nine tails
Costumes (by request)

Please note

  • Right now, the ladies who speak fluent English are not available. Therefore, we regret to say that we are now accepting clients who have little difficulty communicating in day-to-day situations in Japanese.
  • Japanese law prohibits penis-to-vagina intercourse. Therefore, your sensual enjoyment will be achieved by other means.
  • The companion may not accept anal intercourse depending on your size.
  • Our companions are not trained to be a "mistress".
  • Not all the ladies are available for clients who do not speak Japanese.
  • The price does not include hotel fee.
  • If you prefer to see our lady outside of Shibuya, please make at least 2 hour-appointment. Taxi fare from and to Shibuya is required, too.
  • The following actions are prohibited:
    • Penis-to-vagina intercourse.
    • Inflicting physical/psychological damage on the companion.
    • Not following the companion’s instructions.
    • Use of your own toys/instruments.
    • Cancelling your appointment without prior notification.

Possible Plays

  • Please see below when you check the list of possible plays available on each lady's page.
    • 縛り Ropes (Shibari)
    • ローソク Bondage candle
    • ローター・バイブ Vibrator/Bullet vibrator
    • ストーリープレイ Fantasy play
    • ムチ Cat-O’Nine tails
    • 羞恥プレイ Humiliation
    • コスチュームプレイ Costume (by request)
    • 首輪 Slave collar
    • 浣腸 Enema (with hot water)
    • 放尿 Showing urination
    • 剃毛 Shaving pubic hair
    • 排泄 Showing discharge of stool
    • 飲尿 Drinking urine
    • アナルバイブ Anal vibrator
    • アナル責め --
    • スパンキング Spanking
    • 生フェラ Oral service without condom
    • 口内発射 Ejaculation in mouth
    • 顔射 Ejaculation on face
    • 言葉責め Command
    • 命令調教 --
    • 全身奉仕 Stimulating your entire body